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Torto Powdered Almond Dessert 
No Added Preservatives And Artificial Colours 
4 Servings 

Serving Directions: 
1. Empty one sachet into an 8 oz bowl or cup 
2. Directly pour 160 ml hot water into the bowl or cup 
3. Stir 1-2 minutes until dessert thickens, then serve 
Consistency can be adjusted by adding more or less water 

Red Date, Snow Clam And Almond Dessert 
4 sachets Torto Powdered Almond Dessert, 640 ml water, 4g snow clam, red date, ginger 
Cooking Methods: 
1. Clean and soak snow clam in cold water until soft, boil in water with ginger until a clear colour then dry 
2. Boil red dates until soft 
3. Mix almond paste into a big bowl, add boiling water and stir until dessert thickens 
4. Add in snow clam, red date and serve 

Allergy Advice: Contains Sulphur Dioxide. 
This product contains tree nuts and nut products. May contain traces of sesame and peanut. 

Store in a cool dry place.

Ingredients:Sugar, Almond (23.79%), Dextrose, White Corn Starch, Potato Starch, Salt.

多多杏仁糊 160g Powdered Almond Dessert

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