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Brown sugar Ginger Tea 

Ready to use. 

This product choose old ginger as raw material, refined after being distilled and concentrated with scientific method. It is convenient to drink and take. And it is also the preferred beverage of men and women, old and young staying at home or taking a trip in every season. 

Directions for Use: 3-4 times daily, 1-2 bags each time, take with boiled water. 

Storage method: Keep in seal up, cool and dry place.

Ingredients:Brown Sugar (60%), Ginger (30%), Black Tea (10%)

葛仙翁红糖老姜茶冲剂 160g Ge Xian Weng Honeysuckle Herbal Tea


Delivery Option


Hermes Economy

3-5Working days Maxim 2kg


Dpd  / Dhl

3Working days Maxim 30kg

£7.50 (or FREE for orders £75+)

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